Marc Graham needs a new liver and his wife Beth Warren (that’s me writing this stuff) would really like him to get well again.

Marc is Type O, on the transplant list and no, I’m not a candidate for live donation.

When we got married, it cost us the cost of the license and the officiant.  I got our rings from the pawn shop downtown. We had frozen pizza. It was fun and funny.

In order to give me something to do, and update everyone about Marc’s condition/progress, I started this website.  Help if you can, even if it’s just sharing the link.  We’d really appreciate it.

UPDATE:  Marc got a new (to him) liver on April 28, 2017.  We will be forever grateful to the lovely man who died and left his organs for others.  Bless you, kind sir.  And your family.  I know they’re grieving but I truly hope they get some peace from knowing that a small piece of him helped at least one other person live. #beadonor   www.beadonor.ca   

Marc is progressing and I/we intend to keep updating the site on his progress and hopefully encouraging others to be organ donors.  Thanks to everyone who have supported us in so many different ways.  People are amazing.