THREE kinds of Pizza and the Bride wore Red

Sooooo… Marc was in ICU for a while after I found him in a coma on March 3rd.

When they released him on Monday, March the 6th, I brought him home and went out to get him some pizza (he was STARVED) while he rested and visited with his friend Mike.

Once I got home, Marc said we needed to talk.  Long story short, we decided to get married.  We’ve been common law for years, but with my worries, etc… we figured getting married was the best way to ensure I could look after him, etc.

Our original thought was to get married on St. Paddy’s day… after all, Bobby O’Brien’s has played a big part in our relationship (TRIVIA!) so we thought popping in there on St. Paddy’s and getting married really quickly would be funny.

We tried to get our marriage license on Tuesday the 14th, but the lack of divorce certificates was a problem … I was told we just needed the file number (LIES).  I had my divorce papers but Marc wasn’t even certain that he knew where his divorce had taken place (other than “Ottawa”) so there was some detective work to be done.

On March 17th I tracked down the Ottawa courthouse where his divorce was granted and found a very lovely woman named Tamara on the phone… she was fantastic and put a rush on the certificate.  On Monday, March 20th she called to say that she had the certificate and was emailing a PDF posthaste.  To get mine, I merely had to go to Kitchener Courthouse and get a copy of my divorce certificate ($19.)

SIDEBAR: If anyone who is remarrying needs advice, I’m your girl…  I can even tell you how to get a simple and cheap divorce. Seriously.

I was able to go get our marriage certificate and make plans for Josh to come home from Sheridan College on Friday and arrange for Martti Pajunen to be our officiant (he’s good. He even did former radio superstar and City Councillor Dave Schnider’s wedding to the lovely Naide…) … all pretty quickly done.

At one point when things were going kind of sideways, Marc said to Katy that he should have asked me years ago to marry him.  I always just felt that we WERE married.  For me, this was really just a formality.. a piece of paper; a legal document.  Just to be sure that I could make decisions and take care of his wishes if need be.  I’ve always already felt married… after all we ARE that old married couple that finishes each others’ thoughts, mock each other and sit in separate rooms to watch tv…. .but I digress.

We didn’t care about the WEDDING.  We care about the marriage. We wanted something quick and simple.  Just Marc and I… Katy and Josh as our witnesses.  And then I messaged our friends Glenn and Emily (Glemily) to see what they were up to… once they understood that we were actually getting married THAT NIGHT, they were darn sure going to be there.  Glenn has prided himself with “introducing” me to Marc (he did not).. but he did kind of talk Marc into asking me out, so it was only fitting that he and Em should be there.

So on Friday, March 24, 2017, we got married.

I tidied the house and showered and drove to Oakville to get Josh.  On the way back we bought some wine and a frozen pizza (Giusseppe’s – $4.99 on sale at Sobey’s!) Marc had purchased two earlier, but I felt we needed 3.  Hawaiian, Canadian and Deluxe.  Josh and I got home about 6:30pm or so and everyone was scheduled to arrive about 7.  Therefore I spent a whole 30 minutes getting “dolled up” for my wedding day.

I wore my favourite red dress.  Marc wore a blue sweater that my mother gave him for Christmas… and Lily (our flower girl) wore a tutu.  Glenn was our ring bearer (got the rings at the pawn shop.. face it, I’m cheap) and pizza chef.

We laughed through most of it as that’s how we are.  When asked if I took Marc to be my husband I said “I SURE DO!”  Whereas Marc more traditionally just went with “I do.”

Ten whole minutes approximately. In our living room, then we were married.  Then some champagne and wine toasts (sparkling juice for Marc.)

My kids, good friends and a cute puppy as a flower girl.  And THREE kinds of pizza because we’re fancy.

Because you don’t need a billion dollar wedding… just need the love in your heart.

Oh, and Marc needs a new liver.

You can see all the pics here on Facebook.





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