Long Hard Road – Bad News/Good News

When Marc was first diagnosed with cirrhosis, he more than willingly gave up drinking.  He was worried when we went to the doctor that he was going to be told he had cancer.  It wasn’t all that hard.  Drink = Die. Don’t drink = Live.

And he was okay with it.  Really really okay. He’d still meet friends for drinks but he’d have a soda or juice.  He really didn’t mind and didn’t fall off the wagon at all.  So we hoped that his liver would regenerate and he’d get better.  Never would be 100% but would be better.

Last summer we were out golfing and would try to walk a lot every day.  Marc was good.  He was fine.  However he started to have some back pain and at one point picked up some no name muscle relaxants – ibuprofen and Naproxen sodium being the major ingredients.  We knew acetaminophen is bad for your liver so he went with ibuprofen.  I’m allergic so I didn’t ever look at the bottle.  Until months later… the warning said “don’t take this if you have liver problems, diabetes, kidney issues….” etc. etc.

Marc stopped them immediately. But I believe that was what put him into the downward spiral. I have no proof, of course, but the timing is there.

Around Thanksgiving he started getting sicker.

He needed to have paracentesis regularly (he accumulates fluid in his belly and it has to be drained), he’s on a boatload of medications… some powerful antibiotics, pills to help  him eliminate fluid, etc.

However, he’s had complications.  On December 23rd last year we got a call from the Doctor’s office telling Marc to go to the hospital NOW.  There was a room waiting for him at St. Mary’s.

Long story short, Marc was in renal failure. His kidneys weren’t functioning properly and so he had to stay in the hospital for a few days and be treated with albumin, which is blood protein.  Now he receives albumin every three weeks when he gets drained… the paracentesis is hard on the kidneys so they’ve been trying to protect them.  Marc thankfully got better and was released at 1pm on Christmas Day.  I picked him up in my pajama pants.

So here is the latest: Marc is still in the hospital.  He has been in since Tuesday and will likely won’t be released until EARLIEST Monday.  His kidneys aren’t functioning well (the bad news) however, the doctors have asked that he be bumped up on the transplant list (the good news).  Marc is again hooked up to a bunch of tubes and being closely monitored.

Everything may happen much faster than anticipated.  We are still in the process of getting Marc Trillium Benefits – working on the taxes to get that information to them. If they bump him up he could be getting a transplant ASAP.  Before we can get him benefits.  If you can possibly help out, that would be amazing.

Marc is really touched that so many people are thinking of him and praying for him and helping us out.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Marc’s GoFundMe Link.


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  1. scoobiegirl says:

    Hi Beth,
    Your GoFundMe Link does not appear to be connecting to the correct Page.


  2. Beverlee Busch says:

    Posted a special prayer request for you, yesterday, Marc (and Beth) on 100words.ca, the daily Christian blog I partake in; so many Christians, all around the world, have been praying for you to get a transplant and to be completely healed! So this news, today, is wonderful, and I will give them an update, tomorrow morning, on the blog!! Amen!!


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