Go Sens Go! (or I wonder if Eugene Melnyk knows where Marc can get a liver?)

“I wonder if the owner of the Sens knows where I can get a liver?”

Marc is having a nap.  He stayed up late watching the Sens game in the hospital lounge… was up until midnight and then didn’t sleep well due to pain.  He kind of doesn’t mind that the Sens lost, because now he has something to watch on Sunday afternoon.  And he is waiting for a liver transplant and the owner of the Sens had one a few years ago so they have a lot in common.   Except for the millions of dollars….

Marc has now been in the hospital for 4 nights and approaching bedtime on the 5th.  He’s going to be in until at LEAST Monday as they’ve scheduled him for a paracentesis then…. right now they are trying to adjust his blood levels.  His potassium is too high, as is his creatinine.  Both of these are an indication of impaired kidney function.  Not good.

We met with the nephrologist (kidney specialist) yesterday late in the day.  The good news is that the kidney impairment doesn’t appear to be from hepatic renal failure… meaning his kidneys don’t appear to be impaired because his liver isn’t working.  

The doctor said that he thinks that it’s because of some of the medications Marc was on to try to remove the ascites (fluid in his belly.)  As well, when he was admitted, they were giving him albumin (blood protein) … 3 doses a day.   Kidneys don’t like too much protein. So albumin and other meds were stopped and he’s on a new course of treatment.  He’s being rehydrated intravenously and given this god awful medicine called kayaxalate which is to lower his potassium levels.  We also discussed the possibility of dialysis in the future. Marc is willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the transplant stage.  

Also good news – my wonderful sister Lara had done the paperwork to be a living donor.  She is the healthiest person I know and volunteered to do this. She says she barely uses her liver so may as well share!  The transplant clinic called her this week so we assume it’s to move forward in the process.  As well, the doctors are calling the transplant team on Monday to ask for Marc to be made a higher priority…. with the kidney issue and all.

The bad news is that they have to strictly monitor Marc’s fluid intake.  And output.  Meaning he has to write down all he drinks.  And… he had to get a catheter.  Super duper fun and gross.  I’m reasonably sure you don’t want to hear the details, but suffice to say it’s a painful procedure and continues to hurt and that’s yet another reason why he didn’t sleep well.

No one knows…

So although his kidney function remains compromised, we are hopeful that this new course of action helps return his kidneys to normal function.. and that all of this helps either bump him up the list or expedites the living donor process.

In the meantime, we are SO grateful for all the donations!  The kindness and generosity of people who don’t even know us is amazing.

We are also grateful for St. Mary’s free WiFi that lets me do work from the hospital so I can keep Marc company. 😉  AND that Marc can watch Netflix from his tablet as a result!  (He is in a section of the hospital without TV in the room.)  It’s helping with the stir crazy.

The staff here is great too.. lovely people.  They even gave me a dinner tray last night that was left over (it was salmon and it was decent…) Included on the tray was a bowl of … something… it was cold.. thought it was some sort of dessert???? I dared to taste it.. and it basically tasted like nothing.  I finally asked the woman who brought the tray if she knew what it was…. it was SUPPOSED to be soup. LOL! I passed on that.  It was the definition of “hospital food.” (I’m sure it was a “special diet” thing, no insult to the fine people who work in the kitchen!)

**If you’d like to donate to the GoFundMe campaign for Marc click here.**


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