About Marc

Marc Thomas Graham is a lovely man who made some bad decisions earlier in his life and now he’s paying for it.  When he was younger, he drank.  That, combined with heredity etc., gave him cirrhosis.  (Although we have now met several people who have cirrhosis but rarely drank. So who knows… )

Marc and I (Beth) decided to tell everyone what’s been going on and share the journey to getting him a transplant. Hopefully it’s a happy one.

What should you know about Marc? He’s a wonderful, generous man.  Over the years I’ve known him he’s helped out a lot of people – “loaning” them money and never expecting repayment.  Fronting friends first and last months rent so they could get an apartment, spotting them cash until their payday, buying rounds of drinks.  And never expecting payment in return.  I’ve estimated that he’s spent thousands and thousands helping out others (the ones I’m aware of…)

If Marc has ever bought you a drink, or loaned you a few bucks or helped you out at all, I hope you’ll consider helping him out now.

We really appreciate everyone who has donated thus far.  It’s relieved some of the burden of worry.  Marc is really, really touched and was very surprised that so many people would be willing to help.

Karma.  It’s awesome. ❤

You can donate here to the GoFundMe.

If you’re interested in learning more about being an organ donor or living donor, click here.